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Do you have a Childlike Spirit?

Updated: Jul 20, 2018

My little love bug Elijah James sent me some pretty spectacular artwork and I was just admiring every single detail that was put into this little masterpiece. I was reminded how vital it is to maintain a childlike faith as we walk through life. As children we are encouraged to DREAM as BIG as we can and IMAGINE our dreams coming true yet as we grow older those dreams tend be stifled by the environment that surrounds us

Why is it easier for a child to believe in the things God places in their heart more so than an adult?

Just yesterday I was speaking with a friend and I was sharing with her that so many people find it easier to believe in things going wrong rather than all the good things that can and are going right. How many masterpieces are still inside grown adults just waiting to be unveiled but because of the  “fear” that grips their heart they don’t allow their dreams to have wings.

I know when Elijah James was creating this little masterpiece for me the last thing he was thinking was “I hope Mia will like this,” in fact I am sure he was saying , “Mia is going to LOVE this!”  The reason children BELIEVE so effortlessly is because they have not  been jaded by their environment.  A child has eyes to SEE and a SPIRIT that is full of FAITH in what is GOOD and PURE.  Children don’t move toward the negative in life they believe “anything is possible.”

We encourage our children to be anything that they want to be in life yet as adults what is the language we speak to ourselves?  The words we choose to speak or allow others to speak over our life will dress us in rags or beautiful garments.  If you are a dreamer like Elijah and his Mia you may encounter those sad souls who are threatened by the gifts you carry however it is a CHOICE to allow those naysayers space in your mind and heart.

The story of the little children who wanted to see Jesus in Matthew 18:3 demonstrates the stark difference between a childlike spirit and a status quo individual.  The children just wanted to touch Jesus and the disciples considered them to be a nuisance. God doesn’t care about what position we hold or what kind of house we live in , He looks at the HEART!  God is in the business of acceptance no matter what your “status.”

If we want to experience the fullness of MASTERPIECE we our carrying on the inside we must have the FAITH of a child to UNLEASH it to the world whether the herd approves or not.  He loves us with the greatest love IMAGINABLE and we must we willing to live by FAITH, free from the chains of society in the knowledge that He is all we need.

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