Are you ready to find your warrior within?  Are you willing to stand up in your magnificence and abandon the herd mentality?  Come learn the secrets to become a magnificent warrior.

Warrior Magnificent will challenge your feelings, emotions, and thought processes to break through the oppressive thinking that holds you captive. This book can awaken a dormant spirit, energize a stagnant mind and inspire you to LIVE out your MAGNIFICENCE.

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Read an excerpt from the book:

"Maybe you picked this book up because you are really at dis-ease in your life and ready to see real transformation. You are excited to find advice that can really help you; however, suddenly you realize that if want to see real change and growth to get free of dis-ease and walk in magnificence, you have to be willing to make some tough choices. At first it seems everything is going great, but then life happens. It might be the people around you who don’t get it or support you. Maybe your finances are being squeezed because you are investing financially in your dream. It could even be a physical symptom of pain. Whatever it may be, these parasites start to tell you why you can’t do it, and they give you all the “logical” reasons why it will fail. Maybe you decided that since things aren’t happening fast or instantly, it is a sign from God that your dream is not meant to be (which, by the way, is a total cop-out and part of a wimpy mindset).


How many times are we are so close to embarking on the NEW, but then our enthusiasm turns to doubt. Once again, we allowed the “parasites” to invade our mind and confirm our doubt instead of inspiring HOPE and bringing out the very best in us. We have to speak to the warrior in us, not the wimp. I see the parasite of doubt invade the mind of leaders that I mentor daily. And you know what? Eventually the doubt wins if they choose to entertain it for very long. I have seen so many great leaders cave under pressure when the healing crisis starts, and they find themselves leaving their dream behind because the “side effects” were more painful to them than the PASSION to pursue their BEST. 

The dream doesn't go away, however, because your MAGNIFICENCE—the “seed” that you were born with—will never disappear. In fact, it is impossible to completely ignore it. You feel it calling you in the quiet times of your mind.  Warriors are passionate about where they are going and are most definitely not interested in what the majority may think. They are consumed with living out their magnificence and inspiring others to do the same. The warrior gives energy. There is a presence that exudes from them—a confidence and a countenance that they know they are destined for something MAGNIFICENT."